The Tigers

I wanted to take an opportunity, before there is any score in the game, to say congrats to the Tigers. I am not a big baseball fan. When I do watch baseball, I have always been a Tiger fan. Since the Roar of 84 when I was a kid and I saw the Tigers win the world series. It has been a great ride for them. Win or lose, I am proud of the club and the steps they have taken to make the team better. It is now cool to be a Detroit Tiger fan. When they lost 119 games, it wasn’t fun to be a Tiger fan. When I watched the playoffs or the World Series, I would cheer for the underdog. Now, I can actually see the Tigers in the world series and it is a great sight.

Well, after I started this post, it was 0-0. Now it is 1-0 Cardinals. Oh well….as I said…..if they lose it has been a great run for them.