Congrats Cardinals!

Correction to my last post, La Russa actually did win a championship with Oakland 17 years ago. Congrats to both clubs, especially the Cardinals who played great and deserved to win. The Tigers just shot themselves in the foot too much with mistakes. As a goaltender, I know that mistakes can kill you. Heck knows I have made enough of them.

All about the errors

Well, the Tigers threw the game away. Cardinals deserve to win thats for sure.

I feel really glad for Tony La Russa. He hasn’t won a world series before. I know its only the top of the 8th, but I want to say congrats to him right now. I also want to say congrats to Kenny Rogers. I didn’t know him very well other than the cameraman incident. His great pitching in the playoffs have been great to watch.

Tigers aren’t coming back tonight. Gotta be happy for the Tigers though. Even though they pissed away the world series this year, they will learn and come back strong next season. As much as I bitch about the errors, their batting has been horrible. You can’t overcome errors with crappy batting.

The Tigers

I wanted to take an opportunity, before there is any score in the game, to say congrats to the Tigers. I am not a big baseball fan. When I do watch baseball, I have always been a Tiger fan. Since the Roar of 84 when I was a kid and I saw the Tigers win the world series. It has been a great ride for them. Win or lose, I am proud of the club and the steps they have taken to make the team better. It is now cool to be a Detroit Tiger fan. When they lost 119 games, it wasn’t fun to be a Tiger fan. When I watched the playoffs or the World Series, I would cheer for the underdog. Now, I can actually see the Tigers in the world series and it is a great sight.

Well, after I started this post, it was 0-0. Now it is 1-0 Cardinals. Oh well….as I said…..if they lose it has been a great run for them.