I spent some time finishing my photo gallery on my website.

I really like the engine. It really makes it easy to keep the gallery updated. The pain in the ass part is migrating all the photos over. That and the fact that i have been uploading all my photos in such low quality in the past that it really shows. My camera is starting to show its age too because at 2 megapixels, I can’t blow up any shots much and they look really pixelated in some situations. I need an upgrade, but I lack the $3000 to buy a new D2HS. I am going to just sit back and wait until the price comes down. I have too many goodies to put on my list. This camera is a last resort. My D1H works very well even today for what I do. I figure if I start working more in the photography field, I will spend the money on new stuff.

I took some shots of the playoffs on Saturday and some of them turned out to be pretty good. If I wasn’t playing in 6 games that day, I would have taken more shots. I wish I got more though. Maybe I won’t get as many teams in playoffs next session and I can concentrate on doing more photography. I don’t want to rush back into photography though. I got really burned out on it a few years ago to the point where I really dropped off last season. I am starting to get the itch, but I don’t want to get too carried away. I want to spend the time to ease into it.

Speaking of the playoffs, I am still riding pretty high since Saturday. I now have 14 championships to my name and I am already looking forward to repeating next season. Unlike the end of last season where I had taken home 3 championships and was on cloud 9, this time around I had my struggles. I expected a hard road this time around but I had a certain expectation of winning and I had confidence going into every game. I need to have that confidence in a few weeks.

I am really going to enjoy this weekend.