Great time for an injury

I am being very sarcastic….

Last night, I took a close range shot to the underside of my gloves. The bad part is that I wasn’t playing goal, so I didn’t get the extra protection I normally get there. The shot hit my pinky and ring fingers at the tips so I am hurting right now. The good thing is I can still type and I should be ok to play. However, it hurts like the dickens. My fingers that were hit are black and blue at the tips and I have a cracked nail.

1 800mg Ibuprofen later and the pain subsides a bit. It just sucks how I have to take a hit like that a few days before playoffs. At least its on my right hand which is my blocker hand. I still don’t know how well I will be able to hold a stick. Going to practice some tonight to see how I am going to do.