The upset

I have been on both sides of them. I have been on teams that were heavily favored only to play rotten in the finals, and then been on teams who came in 3rd or 4th in the division to go all the way. Every goalie and every team has been on both sides of the coin in one situation or the other. The reason I am bringing this up is because I have been thinking about what will transpire next week on Saturday. All 3 of my teams face very steep odds. The Builders will enter the playoffs in 2nd or 3rd because we will win next week, and we will advance to the finals to play a very strong Fury team who is scoring 8 goals a game while only giving up 3 per game on average. Malys will win in the first round of the playoffs to advance to play a very strong team that will have all their big guns ready to play, while we will be lacking one of our primary scoring machines. Then you have my beginner team I skate out on, who will make playoffs, but face very daunting odds of even making it to the finals or winning it all.

Either way, I must be at my best. I have been telling myself to cover the puck. Now and forever will I be saying that. Cover the puck…..cover the puck. Gotta control those rebounds and second chances.

Cover the puck….

I feel very confident even with the odds against me next week. I just know I am going to do well. I am going to go into this playoff day like I have went into the last few playoffs. One game at a time, treasure the moment, do what I need to do to get my team to advance to the next game. No pressure. Nothing to lose.

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  1. Don’t forget you have me in net for these Tin playoffs. I may have been a bit shaky last night (I still don’t know how I let either of those in) but I’ll have it down come playoffs. I’m ready for another Dragons championship.

  2. I don’t doubt your abilities. We will need you at your best and our team will need to play at their best in order to pull off 2 upsets in a row. Its definetly going to take 2 strong team efforts to get it to happen.

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