The game I expected to win and the one I expected to lose

I had certain expectations heading into both of my games tonight. I thought we were going to run away win a victory in my first game and my second game was going to be a tough one. As it turned out, I got shelled in my first game and lost 8-6, then I came back and worked hard in the second game and won 3-1. The key difference was that I wasn’t covering my rebounds in the first game. The second game I kept telling myself I was going to cover everything and I did. The key mistakes I made in the first game I made up for in my second game.

I am telling myself this and I am going to continue to do it through the rest of my goalie career. I need to cover the puck and control my rebounds better. I did that my second game tonight and there was a huge difference. In my first game, I tried to do too much with the puck and put myself into a bad situation more than a few times.

With playoffs approaching next week, I am going to have to concentrate on my game and working on the basics that have made me successful. Just like in the past, all my games look tough and they are going to be tough. However, I am confident that I will be successful.