Congrats Cardinals!

Correction to my last post, La Russa actually did win a championship with Oakland 17 years ago. Congrats to both clubs, especially the Cardinals who played great and deserved to win. The Tigers just shot themselves in the foot too much with mistakes. As a goaltender, I know that mistakes can kill you. Heck knows I have made enough of them.

All about the errors

Well, the Tigers threw the game away. Cardinals deserve to win thats for sure.

I feel really glad for Tony La Russa. He hasn’t won a world series before. I know its only the top of the 8th, but I want to say congrats to him right now. I also want to say congrats to Kenny Rogers. I didn’t know him very well other than the cameraman incident. His great pitching in the playoffs have been great to watch.

Tigers aren’t coming back tonight. Gotta be happy for the Tigers though. Even though they pissed away the world series this year, they will learn and come back strong next season. As much as I bitch about the errors, their batting has been horrible. You can’t overcome errors with crappy batting.

The Tigers

I wanted to take an opportunity, before there is any score in the game, to say congrats to the Tigers. I am not a big baseball fan. When I do watch baseball, I have always been a Tiger fan. Since the Roar of 84 when I was a kid and I saw the Tigers win the world series. It has been a great ride for them. Win or lose, I am proud of the club and the steps they have taken to make the team better. It is now cool to be a Detroit Tiger fan. When they lost 119 games, it wasn’t fun to be a Tiger fan. When I watched the playoffs or the World Series, I would cheer for the underdog. Now, I can actually see the Tigers in the world series and it is a great sight.

Well, after I started this post, it was 0-0. Now it is 1-0 Cardinals. Oh well….as I said…..if they lose it has been a great run for them.


I spent some time finishing my photo gallery on my website.

I really like the engine. It really makes it easy to keep the gallery updated. The pain in the ass part is migrating all the photos over. That and the fact that i have been uploading all my photos in such low quality in the past that it really shows. My camera is starting to show its age too because at 2 megapixels, I can’t blow up any shots much and they look really pixelated in some situations. I need an upgrade, but I lack the $3000 to buy a new D2HS. I am going to just sit back and wait until the price comes down. I have too many goodies to put on my list. This camera is a last resort. My D1H works very well even today for what I do. I figure if I start working more in the photography field, I will spend the money on new stuff.

I took some shots of the playoffs on Saturday and some of them turned out to be pretty good. If I wasn’t playing in 6 games that day, I would have taken more shots. I wish I got more though. Maybe I won’t get as many teams in playoffs next session and I can concentrate on doing more photography. I don’t want to rush back into photography though. I got really burned out on it a few years ago to the point where I really dropped off last season. I am starting to get the itch, but I don’t want to get too carried away. I want to spend the time to ease into it.

Speaking of the playoffs, I am still riding pretty high since Saturday. I now have 14 championships to my name and I am already looking forward to repeating next season. Unlike the end of last season where I had taken home 3 championships and was on cloud 9, this time around I had my struggles. I expected a hard road this time around but I had a certain expectation of winning and I had confidence going into every game. I need to have that confidence in a few weeks.

I am really going to enjoy this weekend.

Keeping my team in it

My ice hockey team really needs some help.  The team is a work in progress, and the only thing I can do is just try to keep them in the game.  Take last night for instance.  The play was in my end of the rink almost the entire game.  I didn’t have any bad goals, but we still lost 5-3.  Not bad for being shelled, but at the same time I want to get these guys a win.

Having the week off of rollerhockey has been great.  I have enjoyed my time away from the game.  It allows me to get my bearings and analyze my play.  Stepping back to have a look at things is something everyone should do.  I already see some ways I can improve my game starting next season.

My fingers are healing well.  They are still bruised, and I may lose the fingernail on my ring finger.  Overall though, I am getting better every day.  I can type without any discomfort and this is about a week later which is a great thing.

For the last few days, I have been playing Dawn of War Dark Crusade, World of Warcraft, and Company of Heroes in my free time.  I have another week to play these games and I am enjoying it!

Still uncomfortable

My right pinky and ring fingers are still bruised and a little sore. The good thing is I can type much better with them today unlike on Friday when it was quite uncomfortable. On top of that, my body is aching and I am still pretty worn out from yesterday. These next few weeks off from hockey are going to be great for my recovery. I will still have ice hockey once a week, but the time off is something I am looking forward to. A little more World of Warcraft. A little more Company of Heroes. A little more relaxation.

Another playoff Saturday has come and gone

I woke up at 6:45 yesterday and had breakfast with a bunch of friends before my game. Obviously, a few of them were talking trash to me about how they were going to deny me a couple trophies by the end of the night. By the time the day was over, I had added one more championship to bring my total to 14.

My first game was my Builders team going up against Who Cares. We really didn’t play a strong game at all. Even though it was tied 2-2 at the end of the half, we didn’t come out with a great effort during the second half. Who Cares cycled the puck better than we did. They worked harder than we did. We took a few dumb penalties, including myself at one junction. It was not one of our best moments as we took a 4-2 loss. I got a piece of every shot that beat me and I suffered from a few bad bounces in the game. We had a deflection that went off one of my own defenseman’s stick and went into the top corner of the net. I had a shot hit my glove, hit me in the side of the helmet, and go into the net. It was just one bad break after another. On top of that, we were outplayed. It was the first time in three sessions that we didn’t win a championship. The Fury, the team that had a 50+ goal differential and went into the finals against Who Cares, lost as well by a final of 5-2. I guess all that goal differential didn’t matter. If you can’t put pucks in the net during the playoffs, you aren’t going to win games.

I played for the Dirty Bastards right after the Builders and we lost pretty convincingly. The team went 4-6 and they called to have me play for them on Thursday. It was fun to play for them, but I wish I could have stepped up and won that game for them. They are a nice bunch of guys.

After going 0-2, I skated out for my Dragons team for the first period. I assisted in a goal and had a few good shifts before I had to change into my goalie gear for my next game. We won 3-2 in OT.

Biohazard/Malys won their semifinal game 5-2 with only 5 guys in the first half and then 4 in the second half. We really did a good job in that game with not many players, even against the 4th seeded team in the league. With the Phantoms defeating Real Men of Genius, we would face them in the finals. That suited me just fine because of the 12-2 pasting they gave me on Friday and the 4-0 loss they gave me in the finals about 2 sessions ago. I was going to get another crack at them and this time for a trophy. After the Dragons loss in the finals by a very tight score of 3-2, Biohazard took the trophy in a win over the Phantoms by a final of 4-3.

Even though my teams went 3-3 overall, I thought I played very strong in net. My lateral movement was great and I really centered myself to the shot well. I really didn’t have any weak goals all day and that is the best I can hope for. Even though I thought Builders underachieved, I am proud of their accomplishments through the course of the season. I am especially proud of the team I skate out on, the Dragons. Here is a team that placed 3rd in the division, and we beat the 2nd place team in OT and came close to beating the top team in the division that went 10-0 during the regular season.

As for remembering the goals I gave up in the games I won, I really don’t remember. I don’t know if I was tired or I really just wasn’t disappointed in my performance. Either way, one day later, I am proud of my accomplishments.

With all the smack talk that was spread around before the games were even played, I once again came out on top when others were expected to win. I finished strong when others underachieved. Part of the reason why I won’t talk smack anymore.

As usual, I will be passed over when it comes to being considered to be a clutch performer in playoffs. That too is fine with me. I just want to play the game and have success.

Now I begin a 2 week break before the season starts back up again. I need the rest to be honest.

Great time for an injury

I am being very sarcastic….

Last night, I took a close range shot to the underside of my gloves. The bad part is that I wasn’t playing goal, so I didn’t get the extra protection I normally get there. The shot hit my pinky and ring fingers at the tips so I am hurting right now. The good thing is I can still type and I should be ok to play. However, it hurts like the dickens. My fingers that were hit are black and blue at the tips and I have a cracked nail.

1 800mg Ibuprofen later and the pain subsides a bit. It just sucks how I have to take a hit like that a few days before playoffs. At least its on my right hand which is my blocker hand. I still don’t know how well I will be able to hold a stick. Going to practice some tonight to see how I am going to do.

Ready for Saturday

The Builders are ready for Saturday.

After a 13-4 victory where we scored the first 8 goals, I was pretty impressed with our performance.  The Builders are going to have to be ready because we have two tough tests ahead of us.  We have Who Cares in the first round, a team that beat us in the first game we played against them in the regular season and we beat them in the second game.  Then, we will have to play the Fury in the finals.  Yes, I am already counting on playing that team.  In order to be a champion, you have to beat the best and right now they are the best.  They have a 56 goal differential and average over 8 goals a game while allowing about 3 per game.  They are the team to beat and I will be ready for them.

My ice hockey team did not fare very well as we were demolished 12-2.  I didn’t play as well as I could have.  I fell away from my “cover everything” mentality and it costed me a few goals.  Overall, I was pleased with my team’s performance.  They worked hard and in time, we will become a better team.

Tonight I get a evening of rest.  Tomorrow I skate out for the fun of things since my team is in already, and then on Friday I have Brass in a nice warmup game before the playoffs on Saturday.

I am anticipating this playoff day.  I don’t know why I am so much this time around.  Last time, I really wasn’t as excited for some reason.  Whats different this time around?

It could be the odds are heavily stacked against me and people are counting me out even before the game starts.  It could be the fact that I did so well last session by winning 3 championships and being the talk of the rink for a while.  Thats the thing about playing hockey and having success.  Your glory only lasts as long as the break is after you win it all.  Then, you start out fresh and with a clean slate.

This season hasn’t been my best.  I expected better from myself.  I have let in some bad goals, let leads get away from me, and performed subpar to say the least.  In one day, I have the opportunity to fix all those ills.

No matter what the outcome, I am going to play like a champion.  I am going to play the best games I have played in a long time.  I am going to cherish the moment because I won’t be able to do this forever.  I am going to remember the good times and enjoy it.  Then, after the games are over, I will watch the Tigers and have a drink with everyone at the rink and have some fun.

Can you tell I am already looking forward to Saturday?  🙂