I have always considered myself to be a gamer. I play a lot of different games in my free time. Being as that my wife and I are DINKs (dual income no kids), I have a lot more time to put into games than other couples with kids and other responsibilities. My wife likes to put time into gaming as well as the internet and the forums she frequents. With both of us being low maintenance, we get along well relaxing on our own doing our own thing.

Recently I stumbled upon an area where wives and girlfriends are pissed off about their husbands playing WoW so much. Obviously, most of these women blame the game, not their significant others. That suprises me because how can so many people be playing and not be addicted? If it was the game, a significant majority would be unable to stop playing and hopelessly addicted. Same goes for people who gamble. The people who are subject to losing everything they own in a casino are at fault, not the casino for opening their doors. Of course, that isn’t what the people affected don’t want to hear. They want to hear they were exploited by the evil casino or game maker.

It just suprises me how many people take this stance. Am I an addict? Well, I certainly don’t play in 12 hour sessions, but I do try to play a little bit every day or so if possible. I have a job that keeps me busy from 8-5 or more, hockey to play, friends to spend time with, a house to upkeep, and a wife to consider when making decisions on what time to spend and where.

Oh well, just my rant.