A trip down memory lane

Not long ago, I started thinking about all the gaming I did in the past.  My first real internet game I started playing was Descent 2 and that was over Kali and Kahn, which were IPX/SPX to TCP/IP conversion software utilities.  I had a blast playing these games.  When I started playing Descent 2, I played with a person by the name of Aaronb, who happened to be probably the best player I have ever played against.  Others such as Scoundrl, Ender, Karash, Pooterman, and the list goes on and on were great people to play against.  I was Nightfall but I doubt anyone really remembers me.  These players were in the top 25 of the official descent ladder.  The highest I ever made it was 26 I believe.  I wasn’t good enough to beat the best, but it was still fun to play with all these great players.  Every other day, Aaronb would get a group together to play and it would involve just all of us dukeing it out for fun.

I have a lot of fond memories of these games so I sometimes wonder what happened to these players.  They were great people to play against and it was a great ladder to be a member of.  I had so much fun.

Times change though and so do priorities I suppose.  I can still miss it though.  🙂