There are many things that strike fear into the hearts of people.  One of them is cancer.  The last time I had a teammate that told us that he had cancer
, it was my first season ever with the Stick Heads.  He played half the season and then the chemo took over and he couldn’t play anymore.  We won the championship that season and gave him the trophy while he was in the hospital.  I haven’t seen him since.  I know he lived through everything, but he has since moved on and away from the game of hockey.

On Thursday last week, I found out a teammate of mine has cancer.  Its still to early to tell what the prognosis is as he is going in for surgery and more tests.  Still, its scary.  I try to be as supportive as possible which is the best I can do.

Heading into this week, I still wonder how he is doing and will probably place a call or two before my game on Thursday.  I hope he is doing well.