I didn’t play at all that well on Tuesday night.  Enough for me to spend Wednesday just relaxing around the house and reflecting on times past.  It has been a while since I played and lost two games on the same night.  I was out of position for a couple goals, didn’t cover the rebounds on a few others, and really just wasn’t that lucky.

Last night I just relaxed.  I played a couple games of Battlefield and felt like playing more before I had to go to bed, but I just didn’t have the time.  Speaking of time, it is amazing just how fast times flies.  Especially as I get older, I notice the days go by faster.

I know this is turning into more of a reflection post instead of a hockey one, but I do this from time to time.  It puts things in perspective.

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  1. ok i cant find your email so here!

    well, if you suck then you need some schooling. 🙂 want me to teach you a thing or two? come to ferris for homecoming this year!! I will be at the super 8 friday and saturday up there… notables like Bob Shell, Mike mumah (i’m twisting his arm) Matt Chitwood and more. Also, bring a camer, not that you wouldnt, but the Cheerleaders of many years are getting together as well. Also, I’m going to see if Oppie can make it. Geeze, it’s like a 3 in one photogragher, cheerleader, drunk reunion. Maybe Dolinar can go too so there will be 4 photographers. We are going to the game saturday and tailgating, we already got ahold of michler about that. I’m gonna bring him some photos of him when he was a freshman!!

    oh, i work for the Harrisburg Lunatics now too, http://www.lunaticsrollerhockey.com, http://www.proinlinehockey.com in addition to http://www.hersheybears.com. I am the goalie coach/scout for the Tic’s.

    Too bad GR didn’t make it, i was really looking forward to Bears-Griffs finals.


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