Well, I played hockey for the first time in almost 3 weeks last night.  I played pretty good as I notched an assist and really skated very well as a forward.

I took a nice fall in front of the net when I got nudged by an opposing defenseman and now the back of my neck is as sore and stiff as hell.  I knew when I took that fall that I was going to be hurting.  My neck cracked and just took the wind right out of me.

Got home last night and popped a 800mg Ibrprofin and went to bed.  This morning, it hasn’t improved much.  With another game tonight that I don’t intend to miss, I know I am going to be pretty sore.  I figure it is going to be worth playing though since it has been a while since I strapped on my goal pads.

I don’t think I stretched enough, which is why I am hurting today.  Gotta make a note to stretch better today and from here on out.