I didn’t play at all that well on Tuesday night.  Enough for me to spend Wednesday just relaxing around the house and reflecting on times past.  It has been a while since I played and lost two games on the same night.  I was out of position for a couple goals, didn’t cover the rebounds on a few others, and really just wasn’t that lucky.

Last night I just relaxed.  I played a couple games of Battlefield and felt like playing more before I had to go to bed, but I just didn’t have the time.  Speaking of time, it is amazing just how fast times flies.  Especially as I get older, I notice the days go by faster.

I know this is turning into more of a reflection post instead of a hockey one, but I do this from time to time.  It puts things in perspective.


After a nice game skating out as a forward last night, I am back in the crease after a week layoff and ready to play goal again. After my rusty game last week, I need to play better. The good news is that I will be playing goal 2 times a week starting next week and for the remainder of the season. Great news eh? 🙂

My new ice hockey team starts in September and I am very excited about playing on that team as well. Been a while since I have been on a steady ice hockey team. Hopefully I can make some impressions, play solid all season, and most of all have some fun doing it.

As you can tell, I am in a very positive mood. Things are just going very well in both work and at home.


I played my first game in goal in almost 3 weeks last week on Friday and I was rusty in a 14-7 gunfight. I let in a fair number of bad goals and just felt out of position for most of the game. Ironically, the game I didn’t feel out of position playing was the one I played forward for on Thursday last week. I felt really good and felt I made good passes and plays.

This week, I get another skating out opportunity on Thursday and goalie on Friday.

My motivation to play though is pretty low for some reason. Some people have said I need a break. Others say that it is because of the long layoff. I wish I could answer that question to be honest. I really need to get my motivation back.

Ice hockey may be the thing that gets me back in the saddle. A team called me last week about playing next season from September-April. A long ass season needless to say. I am really looking forward to it though. There will be some late nights, but playing steady on a ice hockey team again instead of just subbing is very attractive to me. It will be a new start for me.

Then what will I do for rollerhockey? Do I drop one of my teams or play 4-5 times a week again? The decision isn’t hard because I am going to need to drop one of my roller teams. I am just trying not to think about it until later this season.


Well, I played hockey for the first time in almost 3 weeks last night.  I played pretty good as I notched an assist and really skated very well as a forward.

I took a nice fall in front of the net when I got nudged by an opposing defenseman and now the back of my neck is as sore and stiff as hell.  I knew when I took that fall that I was going to be hurting.  My neck cracked and just took the wind right out of me.

Got home last night and popped a 800mg Ibrprofin and went to bed.  This morning, it hasn’t improved much.  With another game tonight that I don’t intend to miss, I know I am going to be pretty sore.  I figure it is going to be worth playing though since it has been a while since I strapped on my goal pads.

I don’t think I stretched enough, which is why I am hurting today.  Gotta make a note to stretch better today and from here on out.