Another thing I wanted to add to my last story…

I went back to look at my past championships because Saturday is still ringing in my head. I still remember how happy I was to win my first championship. My 3rd was my 1st with the Stick Heads and man that one was satisfying. It seems just a year ago when that happened. In all actuality, it was almost 4 years ago.

Everything just fell into place for me this time around. I have to remember one key thing though, and that is championships come and go. You can’t be a champion every season. You can’t win every key game. The bounces don’t go your way everytime. There will be dry spells, like the 6 months I waited to get back in the winners circle after the Fury won in Summer of 2005. Groots victory in Spring of 2006 brought me out of my drought, but it was still a long 2 sessions and playoffs until I got back up to the top.

Now, I can’t get any farther up. I have achieved more in the last few days than a lot of other players will. Securing 3 more championships to bring my total to 13 is just incredible. Yet, I am still not considered an elite goalie among the people I play against which is what I prefer to be. I would rather be the guy known to be the player who can get it done in the clutch, when 1 game in the playoffs is all you have. I feel I have proved that.

I really hope I get an opportunity to three-peat with Groot. If that doesn’t come to pass and I am out of the winners circle again, I just hope I get back in sooner rather than later.