Groot Builders clinched 1st in the division last night with a 5-4 OT victory.  With one more game to go before playoffs, we are in a good position.  I feel very confident things are going to go well.  The only thing I need to do is to keep working on my positioning and stop letting in that one weak goal per game that I seem to be doing again.  The first real shot I faced in two weeks went five hole on me and that was a nice little wake up call.

I am also wondering how I am going to go into the playoffs next week.  Will I be too relaxed?  Since I got my 10th championship, I wouldn’t say that I am complacent.  I feel more accomplished than anything else.  I have to go into the rest of my games with a lot of focus.  I have to be ready to play come next week.  No excuses.