I know, I am posting a few days late, but I wanted to put this in perspective before I said anything on this situation.  First off, I am a big hockey fan.  I didn’t fall in love with the sport until around 1994, but since then I have followed not only the Red Wings, but other teams.  Hockey is the greatest sport in the world in my mind.

In addition to following the sport, I play it as well.  I just hit 34 and I take the sport rather seriously.  This is coming from someone who was never a great athelete in middle/high school or college for that matter.  I guess you could say that I dedicated myself to the sport of hockey because I never wanted to be that fan that didn’t know what he was talking about.  There are countless fans out there that like hockey, but can’t see plays developing or question what coaches do.  I wanted to understand everything or as much as possible.

Sometimes I wonder how I will end my playing career.  Will I be injured and have to walk away from the game?  Will I play until I am in my late 60s?

Steve Yzerman walked away from the game he loved a few days ago.  I wonder how he is feeling today now that he knows he played his last NHL game.  Is he sad?  Is he happy?  He also said that he has played hockey for the last time unless it is to play with his kids.  Is that true?  Is it really that easy to walk away from something that you love to do?  Case in point, I love computers.  If I hit the lotto, I couldn’t just walk away from computers.  I would spend more time playing with them in an informal setting.  Will Stevie play in rec leagues?  Maybe play for charity?  It is my hope that he does.

I just hope that I am not in a position where I have to leave something I love to do.