What a basketball game last night.  I really enjoyed watching it and this is coming from a hockey fan.  I was cheering for the Mavs, and to be honest, they couldn’t shoot worth a darn all night.  They missed 12 straight shots at one point in the game.  That kind of thing doesn’t win championships.  I have to hand it to the Mavs though for working hard and making it that far.  They just went cold at the wrong times.

Big congrats to the Heat.  Especially to Mourning who hasn’t won a championship yet and was nearing the end of his career.  Here is a guy who has made it close but couldn’t get his ring.  Now he has one.  Then you have Gary Payton who made it to 2 previous finals and the team couldn’t close it out.  Now he has his ring.

If you haven’t noticed from my last few journal entries, I feel good for those who have worked hard through the years to earn their first championship.  I love the underdog.  I remember what it was like to win my first championship, but I was fortunate to win one really early in my hockey career.  There are players where I play who haven’t tasted that yet and some have worked for 3-4 years for it.  In pro sports, 3-4 years is hard, but Mourning was working for a lot longer than that for his first ring.  Imagine waiting 10-15 years and nearing the end of your career.

At the same time, I feel badly for those who lost.  The Mavs have a great team and I hope that Mark Cuban can keep that team together for the most part for another run.  Lets hope for the best.