Game 7 lived up to its billing

I just got done watching Game 7 and the celebration by the Hurricanes.  Man, what a game.  From start to finish, it was a great game if you were a hockey fan.  Well worth watching thats for sure.  You have to be happy for the Hurricanes.  They had a great season.  Glen Wesley and Brett Hedican lifting the cup for the first time in their careers was great to see.  I swear you could see the tears of joy falling down the face of Glen Wesley.  As for Hedican, here is a guy who made it to the finals 2 times before, lost in a game 7 against the Rangers back in 1994, and this may have been his last shot.  Instead, he lifted the cup in celebration.  Then, you have Cam Ward who was impressive in net.  He showed so much composure for a 23 year old.  Only time will tell if he will be able to keep it going and be recognized as a truely elite goaltender.  The funniest part was Rod Brindamour just taking the cup off the table and avoiding the photo shoot.

On the same side, I felt really bad for Edmonton.  You had to feel their pain when you saw some of them crying on the bench.  As a hockey player, I know what it is like to lose a championship game.  However, if my playoffs were only once a year, were 7 game series, and I lost in the 7th game it would be harder for me to take as well.  My wife was telling me that I am usually upset if I don’t win a championship.  Imagine that if I lose in a game 7 like this one.  I would probably be an emotional wreck for a few weeks at least.  Kudos to Chris Pronger and Dwayne Roloson for getting the Oilers this far.  On top of that, I have to feel for Jussi Markkanen as well.  What a class act.  No one game Edmonton a shot, but Jussi really picked it up after the Game 2 defeat.

What an NHL season.  Now the hard part will be waiting for 3 months until training camp opens and then the beginning of october when the NHL season starts up.  Glad I have some shows to watch on my Tivo.

As for Mark Cuban and the Mavericks, lets hope they can kick it in the ass tomorrow and then Game 7.