I played a lot this week.  A pair of games on Monday where I split.  I won a game on Tuesday and both my games on Wednesday.  After playing so much in 3 days, I had to rest on Thursday and not skate out.

I continue to have flashes where I am playing very solid and other situations where I am not playing as good.  For instance, I played very well the first game on Monday, and the second game I struggled.  Tuesday I played very well.  Wednesday was off and on all day.  I played very well in spurts and then would give up a bad goal.

These bad goals are just bad to me.  In my mind, I should stop anything before they go five hole on me.  If I don’t drop fast enough, that is unacceptable.  The butterfly is my bread and butter.  It seems like this season has been my struggling butterfly.  Sure, some games I am very solid, but others I give up 1-2 goals that I should have stopped.  Lately, I have been trying to read the shooter a little more and I have been hit with mixed results.

In the end, it all comes down to coming out as a champion.  When I lifted my 10th trophy, I was very happy with my effort and my team’s success.  That was a goal I had for the longest time.  After I got that milestone, I was content to play less and let things just run their course.  I guess I am too competitive to just sit and not pressure myself to get better.  I have always said if you don’t end the season a champion, then it is a wasted season.  Well, that competitive fire still burns.  I just feel like I am not under any pressure to get to that milestone anymore.  If that will work in my favor, only time will tell.