giving credit where credit is due

On Tuesday, my team won 2-1 and I had a solid game.  Last night, my team had a huge game and I didn’t face many odd man chances as I pitched a shutout.  So, in the last two days, my teams have outscored the other team by a total of 10-1.  If you count my Monday game, it would be 17-4.

Last two nights I really feel I have picked up my game again.  No bad goals were given up and I really was coming out to play aggressive and take the shot.

Even with the victory last night, I went to bed last night thinking about that game.  It is games like that which can change a team.  Not only the winning team, but the losing one.  I remember when I played for Fury in Brass about a year ago and my team lost their last game 9-2 to the top team.  We then came out and played a solid game against them in the finals a day later and beat them 2-0.  Sure, I had an excellent game, but my team as a whole did excellent.

So now I skate out tonight for fun and then get the weekend to rest up before next week.  Playing 4 times this week is really going to take a lot out of me that is for sure.  Next week I will be down to 3 which is about as much as I want to put into it.

I have a lawn to mow, WoW to play, and BF2 to play as well.

One last thing:
Go Mavs!