Utter crap

No, I am not talking about my goaltending, but I will get to that in a second.

I just got done watching the Pistons play, and I am disgusted.  What horrible shooting and shot selection.  Miami took it to em and now they are on their way to the finals.  Looks like I am rooting for Mark Cuban and the rest of the Mavericks to make it.  I am cheering for them for a couple reasons.  First, imagine David Stern handing the championship trophy to Mark Cuban, the owner he just loves to hate.  Second, you have to cheer for the underdog.  Miami will go into the series being the favorite to win it all.

Another reason I feel so bad is for Antonio Mcdysse (spelling is bad I know) from the Pistons.  Here is a guy that really wants a title and just can’t get it.  Came within one game last year and this year another disappointment.  I feel for you man.  I know what it is like to a certain point.  I have come up short in the finals and in the playoffs and it does eat away at me.  I can only imagine how he is feeling now.  Another year and season gone.  🙁

So, that takes care of all the Michigan teams when it comes to Basketball and Hockey.  Griffins got their wings clipped in the conference finals.  Fury also died in the playoffs.  The Red Wings croaked to the Oilers, who are advancing to the Stanley Cup finals (another team I am rooting for).  Now the Pistons are done like dinner.  Now I wonder what is coming next for the Pistons now that they choked.  Yes, choked.  Here was a team that was breezing through the regular season and when it came down to it, they couldn’t deliver in the playoffs consistantly.  Gotta wonder what will happen in the offseason.  Will Billups and Wallace demand a ton more money?  Will they be gone next season?  Time will tell.

My goaltending this week was improved, but still not great.  Still giving up a couple bad five hole goals per game.  I am just not anticipating the shot fast enough and I am not getting down as fast as I used to be.  Its hard to put my finger on anything that has changed other than the fact that I am just not as sharp as I was last season.  I have two playoff contending teams to play on so anything less than 2 titles is a disappointment in my mind.  Especially with as badly as I played.

First full week of work at my new job was also a lot of fun and very interesting.  I am going to have opportunities to really make some good suggestions and improvements.