What a basketball game last night.  I really enjoyed watching it and this is coming from a hockey fan.  I was cheering for the Mavs, and to be honest, they couldn’t shoot worth a darn all night.  They missed 12 straight shots at one point in the game.  That kind of thing doesn’t win championships.  I have to hand it to the Mavs though for working hard and making it that far.  They just went cold at the wrong times.

Big congrats to the Heat.  Especially to Mourning who hasn’t won a championship yet and was nearing the end of his career.  Here is a guy who has made it close but couldn’t get his ring.  Now he has one.  Then you have Gary Payton who made it to 2 previous finals and the team couldn’t close it out.  Now he has his ring.

If you haven’t noticed from my last few journal entries, I feel good for those who have worked hard through the years to earn their first championship.  I love the underdog.  I remember what it was like to win my first championship, but I was fortunate to win one really early in my hockey career.  There are players where I play who haven’t tasted that yet and some have worked for 3-4 years for it.  In pro sports, 3-4 years is hard, but Mourning was working for a lot longer than that for his first ring.  Imagine waiting 10-15 years and nearing the end of your career.

At the same time, I feel badly for those who lost.  The Mavs have a great team and I hope that Mark Cuban can keep that team together for the most part for another run.  Lets hope for the best.

Game 7 lived up to its billing

I just got done watching Game 7 and the celebration by the Hurricanes.  Man, what a game.  From start to finish, it was a great game if you were a hockey fan.  Well worth watching thats for sure.  You have to be happy for the Hurricanes.  They had a great season.  Glen Wesley and Brett Hedican lifting the cup for the first time in their careers was great to see.  I swear you could see the tears of joy falling down the face of Glen Wesley.  As for Hedican, here is a guy who made it to the finals 2 times before, lost in a game 7 against the Rangers back in 1994, and this may have been his last shot.  Instead, he lifted the cup in celebration.  Then, you have Cam Ward who was impressive in net.  He showed so much composure for a 23 year old.  Only time will tell if he will be able to keep it going and be recognized as a truely elite goaltender.  The funniest part was Rod Brindamour just taking the cup off the table and avoiding the photo shoot.

On the same side, I felt really bad for Edmonton.  You had to feel their pain when you saw some of them crying on the bench.  As a hockey player, I know what it is like to lose a championship game.  However, if my playoffs were only once a year, were 7 game series, and I lost in the 7th game it would be harder for me to take as well.  My wife was telling me that I am usually upset if I don’t win a championship.  Imagine that if I lose in a game 7 like this one.  I would probably be an emotional wreck for a few weeks at least.  Kudos to Chris Pronger and Dwayne Roloson for getting the Oilers this far.  On top of that, I have to feel for Jussi Markkanen as well.  What a class act.  No one game Edmonton a shot, but Jussi really picked it up after the Game 2 defeat.

What an NHL season.  Now the hard part will be waiting for 3 months until training camp opens and then the beginning of october when the NHL season starts up.  Glad I have some shows to watch on my Tivo.

As for Mark Cuban and the Mavericks, lets hope they can kick it in the ass tomorrow and then Game 7.


I played a lot this week.  A pair of games on Monday where I split.  I won a game on Tuesday and both my games on Wednesday.  After playing so much in 3 days, I had to rest on Thursday and not skate out.

I continue to have flashes where I am playing very solid and other situations where I am not playing as good.  For instance, I played very well the first game on Monday, and the second game I struggled.  Tuesday I played very well.  Wednesday was off and on all day.  I played very well in spurts and then would give up a bad goal.

These bad goals are just bad to me.  In my mind, I should stop anything before they go five hole on me.  If I don’t drop fast enough, that is unacceptable.  The butterfly is my bread and butter.  It seems like this season has been my struggling butterfly.  Sure, some games I am very solid, but others I give up 1-2 goals that I should have stopped.  Lately, I have been trying to read the shooter a little more and I have been hit with mixed results.

In the end, it all comes down to coming out as a champion.  When I lifted my 10th trophy, I was very happy with my effort and my team’s success.  That was a goal I had for the longest time.  After I got that milestone, I was content to play less and let things just run their course.  I guess I am too competitive to just sit and not pressure myself to get better.  I have always said if you don’t end the season a champion, then it is a wasted season.  Well, that competitive fire still burns.  I just feel like I am not under any pressure to get to that milestone anymore.  If that will work in my favor, only time will tell.

one good shutout deserves another

After pitching a shutout on Wednesday, my team was shutout 1-0 on Thursday.  I skate out on Thursday nights, so I wasn’t in net.  Our bench was very depeleted though so we had a hard time getting the puck on net or in the zone.  I know I was dragging ass before the halfway point of the game.

Overall though, I am having a blast skating out as a forward.  After not doing it for about 6 months and then getting back into it, it is a welcome change of pace.

giving credit where credit is due

On Tuesday, my team won 2-1 and I had a solid game.  Last night, my team had a huge game and I didn’t face many odd man chances as I pitched a shutout.  So, in the last two days, my teams have outscored the other team by a total of 10-1.  If you count my Monday game, it would be 17-4.

Last two nights I really feel I have picked up my game again.  No bad goals were given up and I really was coming out to play aggressive and take the shot.

Even with the victory last night, I went to bed last night thinking about that game.  It is games like that which can change a team.  Not only the winning team, but the losing one.  I remember when I played for Fury in Brass about a year ago and my team lost their last game 9-2 to the top team.  We then came out and played a solid game against them in the finals a day later and beat them 2-0.  Sure, I had an excellent game, but my team as a whole did excellent.

So now I skate out tonight for fun and then get the weekend to rest up before next week.  Playing 4 times this week is really going to take a lot out of me that is for sure.  Next week I will be down to 3 which is about as much as I want to put into it.

I have a lawn to mow, WoW to play, and BF2 to play as well.

One last thing:
Go Mavs!


After a few weeks of average play, I finally had a solid game from start to finish last night.  the only goal that was scored was one that was put top shelf on me.  Otherwise, a 2-1 victory and we sit in a solid second place.

Now, I have to bring the same game tonight.

Happy birthday to me!


Well, it seems that the Satanists are partying, the Christians are up in arms, the media is making a deal out of the date, and the advertising agencies are selling merchandice and promoting The Omen which opens today.  The funny part is that I was born 34 years ago today and that was the only thing that I thought of today.

Utter crap

No, I am not talking about my goaltending, but I will get to that in a second.

I just got done watching the Pistons play, and I am disgusted.  What horrible shooting and shot selection.  Miami took it to em and now they are on their way to the finals.  Looks like I am rooting for Mark Cuban and the rest of the Mavericks to make it.  I am cheering for them for a couple reasons.  First, imagine David Stern handing the championship trophy to Mark Cuban, the owner he just loves to hate.  Second, you have to cheer for the underdog.  Miami will go into the series being the favorite to win it all.

Another reason I feel so bad is for Antonio Mcdysse (spelling is bad I know) from the Pistons.  Here is a guy that really wants a title and just can’t get it.  Came within one game last year and this year another disappointment.  I feel for you man.  I know what it is like to a certain point.  I have come up short in the finals and in the playoffs and it does eat away at me.  I can only imagine how he is feeling now.  Another year and season gone.  🙁

So, that takes care of all the Michigan teams when it comes to Basketball and Hockey.  Griffins got their wings clipped in the conference finals.  Fury also died in the playoffs.  The Red Wings croaked to the Oilers, who are advancing to the Stanley Cup finals (another team I am rooting for).  Now the Pistons are done like dinner.  Now I wonder what is coming next for the Pistons now that they choked.  Yes, choked.  Here was a team that was breezing through the regular season and when it came down to it, they couldn’t deliver in the playoffs consistantly.  Gotta wonder what will happen in the offseason.  Will Billups and Wallace demand a ton more money?  Will they be gone next season?  Time will tell.

My goaltending this week was improved, but still not great.  Still giving up a couple bad five hole goals per game.  I am just not anticipating the shot fast enough and I am not getting down as fast as I used to be.  Its hard to put my finger on anything that has changed other than the fact that I am just not as sharp as I was last season.  I have two playoff contending teams to play on so anything less than 2 titles is a disappointment in my mind.  Especially with as badly as I played.

First full week of work at my new job was also a lot of fun and very interesting.  I am going to have opportunities to really make some good suggestions and improvements.