This week I have struggled in goal.  Moreso last night than tonight, and we got the win last night when I was sucking pretty bad.

Gotta hand it to the team we played tonight to pull off a 4-3 win in the final seconds of regulation though.  They got a couple bounces when they needed them and got key goals at key times from role players.  My team had their chances, but shot the puck wide of the net more times than I could count and really just couldn’t capitalize on their chances.  The winning goal was from behind the net on a centering pass that went off of my defensman’s skate and into the net with only a few seconds left.  Kinda reminds me of a playoff game I lost with Team X back about 3 years ago when a centering pass went off my skate and into the net.  The other team won 2-1 with that being the game winner.  Trust me when I say the playoff loss was much more hurtful.

Overall this week, I was not satisfied with my play in net.  Gotta play better than just .500 hockey thats for sure.

Gotta kick it in the ass next week and work on improving my game. Coming out more to take the shot. Centering myself to the puck much better. Lastly, gotta be better on those rebounds. I was better today, but still much room for improvement is there.