It’s over

Not the refs fault thats for sure.  You can blame the Wings for allowing Edmonton to waltz on in with the puck with a minute left to go in the game?  Hemsky was all alone in front for Christs sake.  Edmonton played a hell of a series.  All the intangibles were on their side.  They were blocking shots and they were really physical on the offense of the Red Wings.

Sorry, I really can’t agree with the majority of the Wingnuts.  I may be a Wings fan, but I am a realist.  Its tough for Wings fans to swallow now, but in about 4 months, you look back on it and you will see the Wings had no business winning this series they way they played.  Edmonton worked their asses off and they deserved the series win.

The miscues were horrible.  Look at Pisiani who scored 2 goals.  Look at the defensive breakdown where they let a forward just skate into the zone untouched past 4 guys!  Incredible.  Hemsky was wide open on that last goal for crying out loud!  Very sad.

Nice job Oilers, great series.  I just wish the Wings would have put up a little more of a desperation fight.

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  1. I disagree.

    You can indeed blame the refs for allowing the 3rd EDM goal that was knocked down by a high stick and then kicked in. We’re not talking about one questionable thing here, but two seperate infractions that should negate that 3rd EDM goal. It never even should have been ruled a goal by Mick McGough to begin with, and that’s BEFORE it was kicked in.

    The fact that they could review that and still call it a goal… is just disgusting.

    So no, I’m not going to congratulate the Oilers or wish them well. They were indeed given a gift, but it wasn’t from Detroit…

    — Primis.

  2. And without that third goal given to them, I don’t think they would have scored the fourth. Yes, the Wings (moreso Lilja than anyone else) fucked up a few times, but the better team certainly did not win in this series. I hope Edmonton gets swept the next round and is shown that they got really lucky getting past round 1.

  3. I disagree. The better team did win this series. At least the team that wanted it more did thats for sure.

    The wings scored 7 even strength goals in over 18 periods of playoff hockey. Thats all.

    Sure, on paper, the Wings had them outclassed. As a goaltender though, I know that upsets can come very easy if your team believes and works their asses off. Thats what happened in this series.

    As for the contested goal, that is a tough call to make. I thought he kicked it in, and I thought it was hit with a high stick.

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