Well, the game is over.  The Wingnuts are already calling for the heads of everyone from the head coach, goaltender, forwards, and defense.  The only two people that aren’t subject to criticism are Lindstrom and Yzerman.  Everyone else is going to be under the microscope for the next 4 months.

I am pretty disappointed in the Wings in the postseason this year.  As I said before, Edmonton was doing every little thing to win the series.  They were dropping to block shots.  They were standing up our offense and challenging the shooter every time.  Their goaltending was excellent and even a little lucky at times.  Our offense scored 7 even strength goals in over 18 periods of playoff hockey.  Our defense wasn’t challenging as much as they should have.  Lastly, Legacy is going to take a brunt of the blame and he should for some of the goals he let in.  However, it wasn’t all his fault.  There is plenty of blame to go around.

Its not all bad being an overall hockey fan though.  There is still a lot of good hockey action to watch.  Anaheim and Calgary going to game 7 tomorrow night.  Two more game 6s tonight.  Man, its going to be a great playoff run for these other teams and I am going to be watching a lot of the games.

As a hockey fan, I just want to see a few things happen for the Wings.

1.  Yzerman to return for one more season.  I get the impression that it won’t happen, but I can be hopeful that it does.

2.  Sign Lindstrom.  The guy is a defensive machine and should be in a Red Wing uniform for life.

3.  Go after a top flight goaltender for next season?  Thats a good question.  I don’t think Luongo will be available as he is a restricted free agent and the price to trade for him will be quite high.  As for who would be available, thats a tough call.  Sticking with Legacy wouldn’t be bad either though.  He would be signed for less and we could spend more going after better talent up front.  I think Legacy deserves another shot in a Red Wing uniform.  Jimmy Howard should get the backup role starting next season though.  He deserves a shot at the NHL level on a consistant basis.

4.  Keep Shanny.  He scored 40 goals this season and we know he can turn it up in the post season.

I can’t think of anything else to add right now, but thats a good start.

Man, am I glad that hockey starts up for me next week.

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  1. I think you can add Chelios to the list of The Blameless, should he decide to come back. As banged up as he was, he was probably the best Wings defenseman overall, better than Lidstrom even. Nick played very solid, but Chelios was the only d-man to play with an actual fire.

    Mathieu Schneider was a huge dispapointment to me. He was fine offensively, but defensively he disappeared.

    You also can’t blame Hank Zetterberg. He had an *amazing* series both ways and was easily the best player on either team for the series. Datsyuk struggled, though I’m slow to blame him because he came back from injury and looked awfully good the last two games when he came back. Shanny dispapeared most of the series and was a disappointment IMHO. Draper also played his butt off, but didn’t play the way I thought he should have.

    Lebda, to me, was a huge disappointment. He was outmatched phsyically, he didn’t generate offensively like was expected I think, and he’s a rookie so he couldn’t rely on experience or knowledge even. And he got burned a lot. I think he has a future, but I’m calling a lemon for the series a lemon.

    He won’t get much pub, but Dan Cleary actually had a great series. I’d say he, Zetterberg, Chelios, and Franzen were the only ones that played with any real fire for the whole series, and Cleary was *everywhere* when he was on the ice. The Wings had best bring him back next year.

    — Primis.

  2. I agree with your assesments.

    I really liked Schneider to be honest, but you are right. He disappeared during the playoffs defensively. He did finish with a +33 so I can’t really say he was a horrible defenseman through the regular season. Maybe it was because we played crap teams.

    Draper is still under contract, and I say keep him around until the end of his contract and then ditch him. He hasn’t played the way I thought he could play either.

    Lebda also didn’t impress me. People were comparing him to Jiri Fisher, but thats not a fair comparison. He would be a good AHL defenseman, but he isn’t an elite player thats for sure.

    Keep Franzen and Cleary. I believe them along with Maltby would be a good grind line. Maltby didn’t do so well this season, but I liked his work ethic more than Drapers.

    As for Datsyuk and Zetterberg, you have to keep them. Datsyuk is an elite player and will come into his own in the future.

    You have to bring Legacy back. He didn’t play awesome in the playoffs, but he is a very steady goaltender. Maybe bring in a proven playoff performer to backstop the wings. I hate to mention his name, but what about Cujo? I know, he was hurt by the Wings, but if given the chance would he come back? I doubt it, but I can dream can’t I? Cujo is such a great goaltender and a hard worker.

    As for who is out, you have to look at Mowers, Cross, Osgood, and Wooley.

    Resign Lindstrom (DUH!), Chelios, Williams, Shanahan, and Legacy.

    As for Yzerman, I hope he comes back but he will probably retire. Not everyone can go out a winner, but Yzerman has done it all. 3 Stanley Cups, Conn Smythe Trophy winner, etc. His name will be raised to the rafters of Joe Louis Arena and rightfully so. He will work in the organization in some way and will be happy to see it. 🙂

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