The last two weeks have been very humbling to say the least.  I have been playing very subpar.  At least 2-3 weak goals per game have been very hard to shake.  Even when I had a clean slate today, my 4th game in a row I feel I haven’t played well, I faltered.  Surrendering a few bad goals really just shot my confidence to hell.  I am going to kick it up a notch and play a little more often.  The more I play, the quicker I will shake off this slump I am in.  At least that is my answer to this problem.


This week I have struggled in goal.  Moreso last night than tonight, and we got the win last night when I was sucking pretty bad.

Gotta hand it to the team we played tonight to pull off a 4-3 win in the final seconds of regulation though.  They got a couple bounces when they needed them and got key goals at key times from role players.  My team had their chances, but shot the puck wide of the net more times than I could count and really just couldn’t capitalize on their chances.  The winning goal was from behind the net on a centering pass that went off of my defensman’s skate and into the net with only a few seconds left.  Kinda reminds me of a playoff game I lost with Team X back about 3 years ago when a centering pass went off my skate and into the net.  The other team won 2-1 with that being the game winner.  Trust me when I say the playoff loss was much more hurtful.

Overall this week, I was not satisfied with my play in net.  Gotta play better than just .500 hockey thats for sure.

Gotta kick it in the ass next week and work on improving my game. Coming out more to take the shot. Centering myself to the puck much better. Lastly, gotta be better on those rebounds. I was better today, but still much room for improvement is there.


It wasn’t the start I wanted Groot Builders to have this season, but you don’t always get what you want. My team got beat 7-4, and I really didn’t play badly. A lot of goals they scored off defensive breakdowns. Good things I saw from my play was coming out to take the shot and being aggressive on the shooter. I am going to play two games tomorrow to get myself back into the rythym of playing in net. After the loss tonight, I am looking to tomorrow and getting 2 wins.


Well, the game is over.  The Wingnuts are already calling for the heads of everyone from the head coach, goaltender, forwards, and defense.  The only two people that aren’t subject to criticism are Lindstrom and Yzerman.  Everyone else is going to be under the microscope for the next 4 months.

I am pretty disappointed in the Wings in the postseason this year.  As I said before, Edmonton was doing every little thing to win the series.  They were dropping to block shots.  They were standing up our offense and challenging the shooter every time.  Their goaltending was excellent and even a little lucky at times.  Our offense scored 7 even strength goals in over 18 periods of playoff hockey.  Our defense wasn’t challenging as much as they should have.  Lastly, Legacy is going to take a brunt of the blame and he should for some of the goals he let in.  However, it wasn’t all his fault.  There is plenty of blame to go around.

Its not all bad being an overall hockey fan though.  There is still a lot of good hockey action to watch.  Anaheim and Calgary going to game 7 tomorrow night.  Two more game 6s tonight.  Man, its going to be a great playoff run for these other teams and I am going to be watching a lot of the games.

As a hockey fan, I just want to see a few things happen for the Wings.

1.  Yzerman to return for one more season.  I get the impression that it won’t happen, but I can be hopeful that it does.

2.  Sign Lindstrom.  The guy is a defensive machine and should be in a Red Wing uniform for life.

3.  Go after a top flight goaltender for next season?  Thats a good question.  I don’t think Luongo will be available as he is a restricted free agent and the price to trade for him will be quite high.  As for who would be available, thats a tough call.  Sticking with Legacy wouldn’t be bad either though.  He would be signed for less and we could spend more going after better talent up front.  I think Legacy deserves another shot in a Red Wing uniform.  Jimmy Howard should get the backup role starting next season though.  He deserves a shot at the NHL level on a consistant basis.

4.  Keep Shanny.  He scored 40 goals this season and we know he can turn it up in the post season.

I can’t think of anything else to add right now, but thats a good start.

Man, am I glad that hockey starts up for me next week.

It’s over

Not the refs fault thats for sure.  You can blame the Wings for allowing Edmonton to waltz on in with the puck with a minute left to go in the game?  Hemsky was all alone in front for Christs sake.  Edmonton played a hell of a series.  All the intangibles were on their side.  They were blocking shots and they were really physical on the offense of the Red Wings.

Sorry, I really can’t agree with the majority of the Wingnuts.  I may be a Wings fan, but I am a realist.  Its tough for Wings fans to swallow now, but in about 4 months, you look back on it and you will see the Wings had no business winning this series they way they played.  Edmonton worked their asses off and they deserved the series win.

The miscues were horrible.  Look at Pisiani who scored 2 goals.  Look at the defensive breakdown where they let a forward just skate into the zone untouched past 4 guys!  Incredible.  Hemsky was wide open on that last goal for crying out loud!  Very sad.

Nice job Oilers, great series.  I just wish the Wings would have put up a little more of a desperation fight.

The Detroit Red Wings

Well, here it is, game 6 is upon us.  After watching the Wings game on Saturday, I am convinced it isn’t a curse.  A curse you say?  There are a lot of people out there that are saying that the Wings are cursed in the first round of the playoffs.  I disagree.  I also disagree on the fact that Manny Legacy isn’t playing good playoff hockey.  Manny is playing as good as any goaltender in the NHL is playing right now.  So why are the Wings losing?

Edmonton is getting great bounces through this series.  Look at game 5 for instance.  Edmonton got not 1, not 2, but 3 deflection goals.  As a goaltender, I can tell you those shots are the hardest to stop.  Sure, there were 1 or 2 goals that Legacy should have stopped, but for the most part, this series isn’t being won or lost by goaltending. 

Nor is this won or lost by coaching.  Babcock is a great coach that has done very well in Detroit.  You know he will shoulder the blame for the loss, along with Legacy.  That is unfair in my opinion.  Seems that only Scotty Bowman can avoid being fired in Detroit for early playoff exits or upsets in the playoffs.

Edmonton is doing a good job clogging up the neutral zone with a 1-2-2 system that is killing the Wings offense.  Edmonoton is blocking shots and getting in front of the shooters.  In short, they are doing all the little things they need to do to win the games.

If the Wings lose tonight and are ousted from the Playoffs, it won’t be because of any of the things I mentioned.  It will be because the Oilers wanted it more.  Maybe time to shake this team up a little bit more?  I don’t know.  With Yzerman in his last season, and maybe his last game tonight or Wednesday nigiht, that is going to shake the team up more than any other roster move.