Step 1: Rebounding

After a series of difficult games, I rebounded with a 6-0 shutout last night in my beginner league.  It wasn’t the prettiest victory, as the other team hit 3 posts and I got lucky on a couple saves.  However, I will take it.  After 3 weeks of average performances, I need a strong game.

With playoffs tomorrow, I volunteered for an extra game tonight.  I figure since I am struggling a little bit, I might as well work that out of me.  2 games tonight and I will be dead on my feet by 9am.  I can go home, shower, play a little World of Warcraft, and then hit the sack for the big day tomorrow.

3 of my 4 teams are in playoffs, and that is all that matters to me right now.  Through all the hard times I had this season, I now have my opportunity to win my 10th championship.  All I have to do it win 2 games with 1 team.  None of which will be easy, but it never is.  Anyone can win a one game playoff.