Slumping at the wrong time

With work taking a #1 priority, my goaltending has taken a noticable dive. The last 3 weeks I haven’t played a great game. Going into playoffs on Saturday, it just doesn’t bode well for me. I got whacked 6-2 tonight and let in 3 horrible long shot goals.

The funny part is, even though I haven’t played great, I still have 3 teams in on Saturday.

I will write more tomorrow. I am just too damn negative right now and I need a little time to reflect.

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  1. I caught your tale on BBR. It sucks. It’s also, unfortunately, very commonplace anymore, as you could tell by the thread and replies.

    Before I hired in to where I am now, they whacked half of the I.T. staff, including the programmer and the main sysadmin. The main sysadmin got let go because of personality conflicts and some other disagreements, however the programmer apparently got let go because the higher-ups 100% had no clue that he was a programmer, or what he did. They thought he did something else entirely, and so they cut him because they thoguht his job was redundant, then afterwards found out that he was the only programmer on staff and was now gone, and programmers don’t grow on trees so any major projects they had planned were now hosed.

    I’ve been there a little over a year, and in that time they’ve tried hiring in two different programmers as replacements, and neither lasted more than about a month. Odds are looking like they never WILL find a capable replacement for him, and they had no justifiable reason for letting the previous guy go, as he was perfectly capable.

    So yes, it can be much, much worse, for much… much stupider reasons. This is what happens when yopu have people running I.T. that know nothing about I.T. It never, ever works.

    It’s also a tough time of year to be playing hockey anyways (well, it’s a GREAT time at higher levels, a lousy time to be playing in lower levels). Weather’s gotten nicer, your mind is elsewhere anwyays because of that because your mindset is changing to warm-weather things… so being off your game is hardly a crime. Hang in there.

    — Primis.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. 24 hours later, I am feeling much better about things. I have 2 warm up games to play before playoffs on Saturday, so I am going to work on some things and get ready for Saturday.

    As for IT, it is very tough on this side of the state right now. There are a lot of talented IT people out of work so it can be tough. I have a good gig going right now so I hope it goes long term.

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