ESPN Fantasy Hockey Update!

I had a total of 4 teams.

All 4 teams made the playoffs.

1 team went all the way through the playoffs and was crowned champion!  The Grand Rapids Blades finished with a 155-34-11 record.  Simply incredible.

The other 3 teams were ousted in the first round of playoffs.  2 of the 3 went on to win the second round of the consolation.

I misplayed 2 of those 3 teams that got booted from the playoffs in the first round.  I played goaltenders that had really horrible games and they costed me valuable points.  I took a lesson from that and didn’t play both goalies on the last game of the season on my championship team.  That was a good move because Lundquivst got lit up for 5 goals last night.  Esche would have been good, but I didn’t need him to dominate.

Anyway, all in all it was a good season and I had fun.  🙂