ESPN Fantasy Hockey Update!

I had a total of 4 teams.

All 4 teams made the playoffs.

1 team went all the way through the playoffs and was crowned champion!  The Grand Rapids Blades finished with a 155-34-11 record.  Simply incredible.

The other 3 teams were ousted in the first round of playoffs.  2 of the 3 went on to win the second round of the consolation.

I misplayed 2 of those 3 teams that got booted from the playoffs in the first round.  I played goaltenders that had really horrible games and they costed me valuable points.  I took a lesson from that and didn’t play both goalies on the last game of the season on my championship team.  That was a good move because Lundquivst got lit up for 5 goals last night.  Esche would have been good, but I didn’t need him to dominate.

Anyway, all in all it was a good season and I had fun.  🙂


Well, I have struggled pretty hard in the last few weeks.  What is suprising is the fact that, through my struggles, I have many teams still qualifing for the playoffs.  I guess it shows that I did play solid for some of these games down the stretch.

A note to myself though as a reflection on this season.

For teams that make up the top half of the divisions I play in, I am a combined 2-10.  That doesn’t bode well that is for sure.

I am doing the best I can at puting my last few games out of my mind.  I have to concentrate on the two games leading up to the playoffs on Saturday.  I have to get back to basics, such as coming out to take the shot and centering myself to the puck.

I also think I am getting lazy in my butterfly.  I have to change that up as well a little bit.  I feel I am just dropping and not doing anything with my arms and hands.  I need to position those better as well.

It looks like I have a clear direction on how to improve.  There is still time for me to make an impact on Saturday.  My last playoffs were anything but memorable with me having probably my worst day in my short hockey career.  I am already looking to turn it around this time.

I have already decided that less is going to be more next season.  Going to play Tuesday and Wednesday for sure.  Monday is probably going to be out.  I really haven’t had the right team to compete in the highest division and I am not going to force it this time around.  My beginner team is also up in the air.  With a few of the core members not coming back, most of whom I am friends with, it leaves me up in the air for next season for this team.  Friday is also up in the air.  I would like to think I will get another opportunity to play in Brass division, but it depends on the team.

Slumping at the wrong time

With work taking a #1 priority, my goaltending has taken a noticable dive. The last 3 weeks I haven’t played a great game. Going into playoffs on Saturday, it just doesn’t bode well for me. I got whacked 6-2 tonight and let in 3 horrible long shot goals.

The funny part is, even though I haven’t played great, I still have 3 teams in on Saturday.

I will write more tomorrow. I am just too damn negative right now and I need a little time to reflect.