Rethink the way you hire IT professionals

Ok, my comment on this article…

First off, these pieces of advice would be good to use for OVERALL hiring. Not just for IT. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that I know that applied for a job and waited weeks if not months for the opportunity to interview or get the rejection letter.

Actually, my new interview was just like the ideal one they had in the example.

1 interview? Check!
Got back to me within a few days of applying? Check!
Communicated with me after the interview? Check!
Extended me the offer quickly? Check!

Better than I can say from some companies who hire around the area. I had a friend who was just hired in at another company. He had to wait 3 months before he heard ANYTHING about his application and resume for a job position.

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One Reply to “Rethink the way you hire IT professionals”

  1. I had an interview for an I.T. position in early February of last year (not this year), I think first week. I was called back in about a week for a second interview, which at that time was narrowed down to a couple people.

    And I waited. And waited.

    And waited.

    I finally gave up, a bit irked that I never heard anything back either way, especially since this company has a good rep with HR.

    Around March 10th or 11th I get a phone call… of them offering me the job starting that next Monday. And I accepted, for where I am now.

    Here was the problem though — the company couldn’t just hire me. They had to interview me, and THEN have corporate interview me (a corporate exec who wasn’t even with the company anymore by the time I hired in then a month later, which was… bizarre to realize after the fact), and THEN they still had to wade through corporate red tape before they could offer me the job.

    Sometimes it’s not the HR dept, it’s the unnecessary maze of corporate red tape they have to wade through before they can bring you in.

    — Primis.

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