Down and out

Well, it was a fun day, but also a little disappointing.

I played in my first iron man 3-3 tournament. In our division, it was a story of the haves and the have nots. 2 teams were haves. 2 didn’t have anything. Course, it came down to the last two games of the tournament. We lost both games against this other team 4-3. I thought I played a pretty decent day of games. I let in a couple bad goals, at least in my estimation. In the end though, I did pretty good.

As normal, when defeated, I look at how the other goalie played and he played awesome. Right now, I am playing like a 3rd tier goalie while others I am playing against are really playing well. There are a couple goalies out there that I play against that are hot right now. Concerning myself, I am not playing that hot right now thats for sure. I have tried to pinpoint why, and am unable to figure it out. There is part of me that is questioning the fact that maybe I am burning out a little. Another part of me is discouraged when my team isn’t playing well and I get down on myself in the process.

Either way, after the loss at Van Andel, and the losses today, I am feeling just a little down on myself. I was edged in close battles where, in my mind, I could have won if I played a little better or stopped a stoppable shot in the course of the game.

Lack of focus? Mistakes? Loss of confidence? Take your pick I suppose.

On the way home, I asked myself if I was having fun playing. I immediately thought of my teams I am doing well with. The others that are struggling I am upset with and obviously not impressed to be playing with. For the first time, I am noticing a bad trend to get into and I feel I have to nip it in the bud.

Am I having fun playing? Yes.

Should I take a little time off? Not entirely, but I am going to make some adjustments for next session and beyond.