Well, after a few weeks of silence, I am going to break it tonight before heading to bed.

First off, Rivertown Sports played their annual ice hockey game at Van Andel tonight. We lost 3-2 in a shootout, but we played quite well. Last year, we beat this team 10-4, but they didn’t have a very strong goalie in net and our top line was sensational. This year, we really missed our top line. I feel I played pretty well, especially in the overtime when they had a couple clear cut breakaways and I stopped each of them to keep the game tied. The shootout was a little depressing, we went through 3 shooters and couldn’t score. Their second shooter went just over my glove hand and they won 1-0 in the shootout.

I guess I was just a little down on myself after that game, but after reflecting on it, I shouldn’t be. Losing in a shootout is a tough pill to swallow, but we really worked hard in that game and it was definetly fun to play out there again.

So whats next for this annual ice hockey game? Good question. We have to do it at least one more time thats for sure. However, the funding for the game was just too much for me to handle this year. I didn’t come out with a major loss or anything. Its just a huge time committment. Maybe the company I work for will help out next time? I guess the time committment and tracking everyone down was just a lot of work.

Going to grab some sleep here and then kick it in the ass tomorrow.