Time to break the silence

Ok, its about time that I break the silence on my blog and post what has been happening to me both professionally and personally.

At the end of January, my job was eliminated.  This position was one I really enjoyed and I was there for over 7 years.  The feelings I felt from being laid off were difficult to explain.  Its a very humbling experience.  One that I am more prepared for now than I was over a month and a half ago thats for sure.  I started out looking for a new position the day I was laid off.  I applied for just about every position I felt I could do well in.  After countless interviews with headhunters and other companies, I finally found a position that seemed to fit very well in the consulting field.  However, the pay and benefits just weren’t there.  Another consulting company gave me an offer that was way too low a few weeks later.  After getting these low offers, I didn’t know what to expect down the road.

Then, I got some interview opportunities with some larger companies.  I finally got my first offer from one of these organizations yesterday, which I accepted.  It was a very tough decision to make thats for sure.  Another one of the large organizations had a good job position, but this one will offer me more high level networking experience.  This is what I want to do down the road.  The position is 6 month to hire, which doesn’t suprise me.  It just means I have to kick it in the butt and show them I am worth hiring.  The big thing will be picking up how the larger network works and learning the more advanced stuff on a Cisco router.  Sure, I can set up a router from scratch, but doing it in a large environment like this may be a lot more difficult.

I have already started working on my CCNA as of about 3 weeks ago.  I intend to get that certification in the next month and then go on to get my CCNP if I am perm hired.

So there you have it, now you know why I have been silent for so long.  More to come later, I promise!