3 Replies to “XM Radio’s Loss Widens, Key Director Quits”

  1. Problem is, XM keeps handing $$ out to every artist that they can get to sign on with them, and it has become an exclusive market. I really wonder how much revenue they are getting from the DirecTV deal.

  2. Well, no radio station is going to get good artists or talent for free. You look at XM and Sirius, and both are working their asses off to get the big talent. I will admit XM and Sirius have been spending a little too freely when it comes to this talent. Look at Sirius and the half a billion dollar deal with Stern. Thats outragious! Look at XM and the deal with Oprah. That was money foolishly spent IMHO because of the fact that Oprah isn’t going to be spending a lot of time on the channel.

  3. I think at the most I probably listen to 6 channels on my XM at a regular basis, with maybe three being my favorites.

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