More heat and cold

Been doing heat and cold compresses all day to my neck and am really not feeling a huge difference. I am glad I have the next 2 weeks off of hockey, because if I didn’t, I would be giving my games away next week. I let my neck rest for 3 straight days and it was 50% better when I played on playoffs. That means probably 1 week without playing will probably be what it takes to make it better. In 2 weeks, I go to a big super bowl party where I will be playing tackle football (in the snow hopefully) and having a good time. The goal is to be better by then.

I had a lot of fun playing hockey over the last 3 months. The end of the season was a downer though being as that I had 3 teams in it to win a trophy and I didn’t get it done. However, it was a very successful season. One that I couldn’t have dreamed of. My return to the Copper division was a great success as I placed 3rd in goals against out of a division of 8 teams. All my other teams made playoffs and had pretty successful seasons on their own. I am really happy I took the time to play for so many teams.

However, I spent too much time playing and my body is paying for it right now. No rest in between games may have affected the way I played hockey on some of my other teams. If I was 100% on playoff day, would I have done better? Thats a good question that I will be asking myself for a while. Sure, when I was out there, I didn’t feel much discomfort. Especially since I was popping 800mg Ibruprofin through the day. I do have to look at the results and question if that injury did affect my play in some way though.

I am going to embrace the time off for these next 2 weeks and enjoy it. I am not talking about spending more time at work either. My goal is to do some project work after hours and maybe eat up a Saturday, but I want to be home. I want to spend time playing Battlefield 2, watching my NHL Center Ice package, and most importantly spending time with the wife. She has been a trooper about my hockey playing over the last 6 months. Time for me to give back a little. Today, I spent time cleaning the kitchen, making dinner, and went grocery shopping. Thats all I could really muster with my neck feeling like crap.

I do have a lot of little things to do outside of work though. Got to get my leg pads repaired a little bit, some parts on my helmet fixed, and the laces on my skates replaced. I have some openings on the teams I am playing for so I have to place some calls to get the ball rolling on that as well. Ah fun stuff!