2 in playoffs and 2 on the bubble

After our 11-2 loss we took on Friday, I found out that our team squeeked into playoffs. Not due to performance, but due to the team in 4th place taking a forfeit due to non payment and becoming ineligible for playoffs. So, now we get the opportunity to play the team in the first round that beat us 11-2 on Friday. Dekleine Builders has the potential to suprise that team if they all come ready to play and maybe even make a run at a championship. All it will take will be 2 strong games. I won’t let them down in the playoffs.

So now, I have 2 teams in, and 2 more possibly going. My monday night copper team needs to win and then have help to make it in. Rancid, who plays on Tuesday, can make it in with a win. First thing is first and that is to concentrate on Monday night. If we are lucky, maybe we can slip in.