My last two games on Thursday and tonight were victories, and I thought they might come with a price…

One of our cats, Halbert, has not been feeling well as of late.  Today he was worse so we took him to the animal hospital.  I got the call just after I was done playing that he needed to be put down.  He had liver damage and something was hurting his pancreas.  At least that was the gist of what I got from the doctor and my wife.  My wife was a lot stronger than I was because she took him to the hospital and got the news about 5 minutes after I started playing so she was there a good 70 minutes dwelling on the news she got before I got there.  It was hard for me to deal with when I saw him just before we put him down.

I guess I find it more disappointing than anything else.  Some of the internal injuries Halbert sustained was due to eating some kind of plastic ring of some kind.  The last 2 pets I lost in my life before this one died due to their own lack of intelligence.  My Lab dog decided to cross a 4 lane divided highway at night.  Tiggy the cat decided to run outside when I opened the door and all attempts to recapture the cat were not successful.

I guess I will never understand animals and it is natural for me to feel this way, which is angry and upset.