A real bite in the ass

After finishing up really strong in December, I started out lame this month.  2 losses in a row.  One really toasted my Monday night team’s playoff hopes.  One tonight all but made sure we have to win our last two games in order to even have a chance at making playoffs.  I had a couple weak goals go in on me tonight, and even though I came up with some strong saves, it just wasn’t enough in an 8-6 loss.  This game tonight really stung in a certain way I can’t put my finger on.  Seems that I struggle while playing on this team.  Unlike my Monday night game where I didn’t have any weak goals, seems that I am cursed or something on this team on occassion.

So here I sit more than a little irked about my performance and knowing I have to play strong in my last 2 games with this team in order to have a shot at making playoffs.  I have to forget about it.  I have to move on.

Its still upsetting for now.