My last week in hockey hasn’t been the best. My last 4 games my teams have scored a combined 6 goals. We have given up 17 goals. That doesn’t help in the win-loss department either. My copper team that was 3-1 now sits at 3-3 and in dire need of a strong last 4 games in order to make playoffs. My Brass team is done I am afraid. We haven’t won a game yet and have 7 goals scored in 5 games. Then you have my two beginner teams who are 4-2 and 3-1-1 and in the playoff hunt.

This week is going to be rough with work and hockey. I am really looking forward to taking next week off for the holidays. I will play one game next week, but that is all. I have been eager to play recently, but I believe my confidence has been waivering mainly due to the fact I am playing in every division this season. I may drop out of my Friday night league all together starting next session, especially if my Brass team drops to Aluminum. With the 7 goals in 5 games scored, they could use to drop one notch.

Well, here is to a successful game tonight and a good run for the rest of the week before the holiday break.