After a great start…

The slump has begun.

After going on an absolute tear in my first 10 games of the hockey season, I am not winless in my last 3. Tonight I fought the puck really badly and lost 8-5 with an empty net goal to top it off. Things I did wrong? Well, for starters I wasn’t controlling my rebounds very well. I think the top problem I had was just not getting into the flow of the game well. I really had problems controlling the puck and making the saves I was making at the start of the season. That spells doom if the goalie is having a bad game. That isn’t saying my team played a perfect game, but I like to look at myself first and place some examples out there. Now I am going to make some changes…

Bone Collectors are now 3-2 and right in the playoff hunt with 5 games to go.
Rancid sits at 3-1 after a bad loss last week. I am going to turn my play around on Wednesday and see if I can get them up to 4-1.
KRC Bulldogs are 3-1 after a crappy game last week as well on my part. Gotta turn it around on Thursday.
Dekleine Bulders needs to put the puck in the net. They have only scored 5 goals in 3 games which is why we are 0-3.

I guess I shouldn’t knock it. I am doing much better this season than I have the past few seasons. I just need to make some changes and keep doing what I have been doing. Stopping the puck, giving confidence to myself and my team, and making playoffs. I will deliver come playoff time. I always have played my best games then.