I have had the stomach flu for the last few days. I know, Merry Christmas. I am feeling a little better today, but I am still under the weather. I hope to be much better tomorrow.

I got a lot of great things for Christmas. I got some Dockers Kahkis, a few new belts, polo shirts, RAZRwire Oakley Sunglasses (these things are the bomb), Mario Kart DS, NHL 2006, and a boatload of gift cards.

My wife and I also got a nice wine fridge to keep all those bottles of wine cold.

For now though, I am going to try to get 100% better before tomorrow.

A few words

Before I depart on my Christmas trip around MI, I thought I might share a few words about the games I recently played.

On Monday, I lost my 6th game in a row.

Wednesday, I won and tied in 2 games.
Thursday, I won
Friday, I tied and won in 2 games.

Its amazing how quick things turn around.  Now I am unbeaten in 6 games.  Total goals against for me is 15.  Goals for are at 22.  While I am pleased with the results leading into the holiday break, I was more than a little dismayed about my games tonight.  The first game I played very very well and tied.  All the goals they scored on me were passes to guys on the weak side that beat me soundly.  Otherwise, I stopped a few breakaways, and a couple odd man rushes which made me feel really good.  The second game, against the top ranked team in the division, I played just average and we won.  My team played phenominal in front of me the entire time that second game.  I let in a few soft goals.  One of them I cradled in my chest and I thought I had it, but it rolled out behind me for an easy poke into the net.  Another one was a rebound chance that I dove for and missed.  The last one I knocked the puck right to the offensive player who buried it.  Goals I should have had in my opinion if I was playing on top of my game.

So now, the night before I start driving around the state to visit family, I am feeling pretty good overall.  I feel that 2 of my teams have a good shot at making the playoffs.  I have a 3rd on the bubble, and if we can make some noise, we can make it in.  Then, I have the dark horse that is out of contention right now, but we have 3 more games to turn things around and possibly make a run.

Thats what it all comes down to for me is playoffs.  I just want the opportunity to get that 10th championship.  Once mission is accomplished on that, I will start having different goals that I will want to acheive.  From the beginning of when I started playing hockey, it was just 1.  Then it was 3, so I could prove it to myself that I could lead a team from start to finish on my own.  Then it was 10 after that.

I just hope the hockey spirits are with me for the final push.

My wife got me some really nice sunglasses last night.  They are RAZRWire Oakley sunglasses to be precise and man are they nice.  I don’t think it will be sunny enough to use them for the next few days, but I am hopeful.

I got my wife a nice robe with matching slippers, a space age ant farm (trust me, it is as cool as heck), a nice shredder that can shred credit cards and up to 12 sheets of paper at once, and a bluetooth headset for her phone.  I bet she still paid more for my present than I did for all hers combined.

Have a great holiday everyone!


My last week in hockey hasn’t been the best. My last 4 games my teams have scored a combined 6 goals. We have given up 17 goals. That doesn’t help in the win-loss department either. My copper team that was 3-1 now sits at 3-3 and in dire need of a strong last 4 games in order to make playoffs. My Brass team is done I am afraid. We haven’t won a game yet and have 7 goals scored in 5 games. Then you have my two beginner teams who are 4-2 and 3-1-1 and in the playoff hunt.

This week is going to be rough with work and hockey. I am really looking forward to taking next week off for the holidays. I will play one game next week, but that is all. I have been eager to play recently, but I believe my confidence has been waivering mainly due to the fact I am playing in every division this season. I may drop out of my Friday night league all together starting next session, especially if my Brass team drops to Aluminum. With the 7 goals in 5 games scored, they could use to drop one notch.

Well, here is to a successful game tonight and a good run for the rest of the week before the holiday break.

Two decent games

I rebounded from my slump to win my last two games. One of them by a 8-0 score and the other by a 6-3 score. I felt pretty good playing those games. Really, I think it is a rebuilding of my confidence. Now I get the next few days off and start all over again next Monday.

I know, short entry. I have to get to sleep.

After a great start…

The slump has begun.

After going on an absolute tear in my first 10 games of the hockey season, I am not winless in my last 3. Tonight I fought the puck really badly and lost 8-5 with an empty net goal to top it off. Things I did wrong? Well, for starters I wasn’t controlling my rebounds very well. I think the top problem I had was just not getting into the flow of the game well. I really had problems controlling the puck and making the saves I was making at the start of the season. That spells doom if the goalie is having a bad game. That isn’t saying my team played a perfect game, but I like to look at myself first and place some examples out there. Now I am going to make some changes…

Bone Collectors are now 3-2 and right in the playoff hunt with 5 games to go.
Rancid sits at 3-1 after a bad loss last week. I am going to turn my play around on Wednesday and see if I can get them up to 4-1.
KRC Bulldogs are 3-1 after a crappy game last week as well on my part. Gotta turn it around on Thursday.
Dekleine Bulders needs to put the puck in the net. They have only scored 5 goals in 3 games which is why we are 0-3.

I guess I shouldn’t knock it. I am doing much better this season than I have the past few seasons. I just need to make some changes and keep doing what I have been doing. Stopping the puck, giving confidence to myself and my team, and making playoffs. I will deliver come playoff time. I always have played my best games then.