The Raw Deal

In this entry of my journal, I am going to talk about Steve Mariucci. What? He doesn’t have anything to do with hockey I know, but I had to say something because his firing today really upsets me that is for sure.

My dad has always said that great players make a great coach. Look at the Detroit Red Wings for instance. They have a great team for the most part. They are successful and people pay to see them play. Then you have the Lions who are decimated with injuries and have a front office full of morons. Steve is doing the best he can do with what players he has and he still gets the short end of the stick. Lets be honest here people, how many games would Bill Parcels have won with this team? 1 more game? 2 more? Lets be honest to say they probably would be 5-6 at best.

So now, who will the Lions turn to after kicking Steve out the door? Dick Jauron? Good coach with the Bears who also got a raw deal due to circumstances beyond his control.

The west coast offense has never won a Super Bowl for any team. Its time to ditch that idea as well.

If the Lions really want to start over, its time to do that at other positions besides the coach.

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  1. I do want to contest one point you mentioned.

    You say Mooch got the raw end of the deal, then turn around and (correctly) pointed out that the West Coast Offense is dead in the NFL and doesn’t work anymore.

    Maricucci is responsible for steadfastly sticking to the WCO when he had big recivers to throw downfield to and stetch things out. Mariucci is the oen who pushed to bring his boy Jeff Garcia in to run his precious WCO, even when it was obvious to everyone he couldn’t adapt and was goignt o live and die by it (and believe me the Lions died a million times with that offense).

    Bill Parcells would have done better in similar circumstances because he wouldn’t have stuck to a dead, good-for-nothing offensive scheme. Dick Jauron may do betetr if he opens up the offense (when you need 7 yards on 3rd down and throw a 3 yard flare.. what do you expect happens?). Just about anyone not running the West Coast Offense could have possibly done better.

    The front office is a bunch of morons, and it starts with the incompetent Fords, but the President of Incompetency is Matt Millen, who shouldn’t be allowed to have *any* job in football, let alone running an NFL team.

    But please understand — the offense gave up on Maricucci a few games intot he season and he was doomed at that point. The players knew his scheme wasn’t working, and realized he had no plans to change it. The offensive disaster is Mariucci’s fault.

    I’m one of a the few remaining Joey Harrington defenders, but in a scheme that throws the ball downfield and with a line that actually protects him, he can be a GREAT QB, I still believe that.

    Mariucci’s system wasn’t going to work for any QB though. Can oyu name another team that runs the pure WCO like Mariucci was running? Nobody else runs it anymore.

    It’s nothing personal (I like Mooch as a person) but… good riddance. Geta real coach in there with a real plan. And Dick Jauron earned his shot by quite frankly making something out of nothing with their defense this season (so many big plays on defense… he made that group hungry and believe).

    — Primis.

  2. Not unlike the situation we have here in Columbus with the Blue Jackets.

    We have a useless head coach, who doesnt have a clue. But he is “yes” man to the GM.

    We need a housecleaning, and it should start with GM. If we fire the coach, the only thing we will get will be another yes man

  3. You do make a very good point. I really never thought of it like that.

    As for Dick Jauron, I think he got a raw deal in Chicago, so maybe he will be someone to turn the Lions around. I just hope that the Lions don’t screw him over like they did Gary Moeller. Remember him? He was the guy who took over after Bobby Ross left and the Lions had a very strong finish. Yet, they didn’t sign him to any contract after the season was over. A shame in my opinion.

  4. Millen is a “yes” man to the Fords. That is why the Fords are continuing to keep him around.

    As for the Blue Jackets, things are going to get better for them as time goes on. It is a very young team that did get some star power in Fedorov. It will take them a while to turn it around. Kinda like Ottawa Senators, they have a lot of young talent. It takes years to develop it.

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