The Raw Deal

In this entry of my journal, I am going to talk about Steve Mariucci. What? He doesn’t have anything to do with hockey I know, but I had to say something because his firing today really upsets me that is for sure.

My dad has always said that great players make a great coach. Look at the Detroit Red Wings for instance. They have a great team for the most part. They are successful and people pay to see them play. Then you have the Lions who are decimated with injuries and have a front office full of morons. Steve is doing the best he can do with what players he has and he still gets the short end of the stick. Lets be honest here people, how many games would Bill Parcels have won with this team? 1 more game? 2 more? Lets be honest to say they probably would be 5-6 at best.

So now, who will the Lions turn to after kicking Steve out the door? Dick Jauron? Good coach with the Bears who also got a raw deal due to circumstances beyond his control.

The west coast offense has never won a Super Bowl for any team. Its time to ditch that idea as well.

If the Lions really want to start over, its time to do that at other positions besides the coach.