Solid Game

I had another solid game last night in a 6-4 win. The copper division is a tough one let me tell you that much. I got lucky on a few saves, and came up big on a few others. Overall, I am very satisfied with my performance in copper this season.

At the beginning of the season, I was considering the fact that I might be done with copper after the end of the season. After my last 3 games, I feel rejuvinated. It feels good to have some level of success again.

My Copper team now stands at 2-1.
My Brass team is still winless, but I have played well for them. The problem is that they need a goal scorer. We aren’t going to win many games by only scoring 1 or 2 goals.
Aluminum is going well and standing a 2-0 so far.
My tin beginner team is also doing well at 2-0.

So 6 of my last 9 games have been wins. I can’t argue with that.