Got my first shutout in Copper since my days with the Stick Heads last night. As much as my team would like to credit me with the shutout, I have to credit my team for working their asses off out there. Without them, that shutout would not have been possible. That win puts the Bone Collectors up with a 3-1 record and in a tie for 1st in the division. With the league so tight right now, there is no front runner in the league. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

The main thing we have to guard against is overconfidence.

The Raw Deal

In this entry of my journal, I am going to talk about Steve Mariucci. What? He doesn’t have anything to do with hockey I know, but I had to say something because his firing today really upsets me that is for sure.

My dad has always said that great players make a great coach. Look at the Detroit Red Wings for instance. They have a great team for the most part. They are successful and people pay to see them play. Then you have the Lions who are decimated with injuries and have a front office full of morons. Steve is doing the best he can do with what players he has and he still gets the short end of the stick. Lets be honest here people, how many games would Bill Parcels have won with this team? 1 more game? 2 more? Lets be honest to say they probably would be 5-6 at best.

So now, who will the Lions turn to after kicking Steve out the door? Dick Jauron? Good coach with the Bears who also got a raw deal due to circumstances beyond his control.

The west coast offense has never won a Super Bowl for any team. Its time to ditch that idea as well.

If the Lions really want to start over, its time to do that at other positions besides the coach.

Solid Game

I had another solid game last night in a 6-4 win. The copper division is a tough one let me tell you that much. I got lucky on a few saves, and came up big on a few others. Overall, I am very satisfied with my performance in copper this season.

At the beginning of the season, I was considering the fact that I might be done with copper after the end of the season. After my last 3 games, I feel rejuvinated. It feels good to have some level of success again.

My Copper team now stands at 2-1.
My Brass team is still winless, but I have played well for them. The problem is that they need a goal scorer. We aren’t going to win many games by only scoring 1 or 2 goals.
Aluminum is going well and standing a 2-0 so far.
My tin beginner team is also doing well at 2-0.

So 6 of my last 9 games have been wins. I can’t argue with that.


My first game for Rancid tonight ended up being a 6-5 victory, but I have serious concerns for this team.  Unlike last night, my defense wasn’t forcing the forwards to the outside.  I didn’t make timely saves like I did last night.  I had a little higher hopes for this team at the start.  Now, I don’t know where it leaves us.  It will be interesting to see how this team pans out.

On the good side though, we did move the puck pretty well.  Passing was pretty good as well as the game moved on.  That is going to be key as the season goes on.

I don’t mean to be negative.  I think it is due to lack of sleep or something.

Loss by Forfeit

I have been on a few teams that have lost due to not having enough players. Never in my 5 and a half years of playing have I lost due to too many penalties. That is how I lost last night and it stung a little bit let me tell you. The good thing is that I came up with a very solid game. Stopped a few breakaways and made some good saves against a talented team. I can’t argue one bit with my performance. On the flip side, I can argue with the quality of penalies my team took in that forfeit loss.

Its a tough pill to swallow, but I was proud to see us come out with so much jump and cycling the puck like we played with each other before. I hoped we would be a .500 team at least this season. With all the changes we made, adding 5 new guys, it was going to be tough to handle. I am just glad things worked out the way they did. I feel it will make our team stronger in the long run.


The last couple weeks have been off weeks for Rivertown. Of course, I haven’t been totally off the last few weeks. I had a pair of ice hockey teams that I subbed for and did reasonably well in both games. I have also been playing rollerhockey on Sundays for the last few weeks and it has been keeping me on my toes that is for sure. The team is in dire need of someone to play goalie for them and someone good for that matter. I am not the best out there, but I am doing my best at keeping them in games.

Now, things start up all over again.

This next season runs through the middle of January and I am on 4 teams. Yes, 4 teams. I thought long and hard about that decision, and I may have made the wrong one. However, I really wanted to play and the teams I am involved in wanted me to play for them. I don’t know how well I am going to do on all these teams. I hope to be very busy come playoff time though.