One week off

There are some that say that vacation is a great thing.  I was on vacation all week last week and it felt great to get a break.  My goaltending suffered tonight in both games I played.  I suited up for the last time for the old Bulldogs squad and got shelled.  I then got shelled again when I subbed for the Phantoms.  By some streak of luck though, I won the second game.

I am feeling rather down after my play today.  Not only because of all the things that happened to the Bulldogs this season, but the lingering doubt creeping back in my head about what my limits are.  Tonight I got shelled and just didn’t play as well as I should have played.  Did the week off hurt me more than normal?  Was it the fact that maybe I was playing a little over my head?  How much longer am I going to be able to play at this level?

The Bulldogs are going to go through some wholesale changes next session.  We are adding players from the Fighting Squirrels, a team we played against about a year ago and lost the championship game to by a score of 3-0.  The team has a lot of chemistry and it will be interesting to see if the 3 players we add from that team will make our better players a better team.

I am going to have to make some decisions on if I am going to play ice hockey.  A lot of leagues are starting up, and I have a feeling if I don’t start looking now, I am not going to be playing.  If I do decide to play, it is going to be rough going to bed so late on those hockey nights.

2 Replies to “One week off”

  1. Vacation?? What’s that? I need one bad, but since I’m a contractor with no benefits, it aint gonna happen.

    Often I wonder if I have reached my limit. Then I make that great save, get the win that I had to work for, and get motivated all over again.

    How many time have I had thoughts of hanging up the pads? (But that wont happen again soon consiering I dropped 1200.00 for new Velocities last month) It’s easy to say that, but think about not playing?

    I have my share of late games, but for me, if I wasnt playing I would be best at 10PM instead of 1AM. And I do better the day after a game.

    I say continue to play!

  2. I am going to play ice hockey as a sub for a while. Not going to take on any full time teams for a while. The ice times are just too darn late for me for some of these 26 week sessions. At least with rollerhockey I can get in and out pretty quickly with most games starting at 6pm or 7pm. A lot better than 10:30pm or 11:45pm. 😛

    I will keep playing though. That much is certain.

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