The season is almost upon us

As October 5th gets closer, I get more excited.

Hockey is back and I believe this season will be the best I have ever seen. With all the rule changes, player movements, and excitment the NHL has generated, I am expecting nothing less than a great start. The excitement is going to go through the entire season, olympics, playoffs, and ending with the Stanley Cup. The NHL has one chance to get this right in the eyes of the fans and that time is now. Sure, there are things I would have done to make the NHL more popular. Especially after all the bad things that were done and said with the lockout season that was lost, the NHL has to show what they have this season. I would have sent the players out to local rinks to do skates with fans. I would have had them do charity games in local rinks as well for a cheap price. You make the players more accessable, then good things usually follow.

The NHL has to show it early with all the games. They have to continue to make the calls and make the game exciting as the season goes on. They have to keep things consistant. The casual fans will need to be hooked on hockey fever once more. Once as they are hooked, they will come back.

I just hope the NHL does the right things.