After a batch of bad games in the last 3 weeks, I finally got back in the saddle in a way.  I didn’t win, but I played a solid game in a 2-1 loss.  I made some mistakes, they hit a few posts on me, but I did very well.

I haven’t won a game in well over 3 weeks now.  Most of the games I have struggled with in some instances.  I think this is a good sign that I am settling down a little bit and getting my confidence back.

2 Replies to “266”

  1. Confidence is a great thing.

    I just wish there was a way for me to keep it. I seem to be on high, feeling great, then something comes along, kicks me in the groin, sending me back down again

  2. Confidence is the goalie’s friend. There are times I get fustrated and lose it. Other times I am riding on cloud 9.

    I just have this feeling I am getting it back.

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