I am not talking about the 8-7 OT win last night. That wasn’t fustrating. It was my own emotions getting the best of me.

Last week, I made a big mistake and gave the other team a power play when it was a tight 3-2 game. They scored on that power play to make it 4-2. Fast forward to last night. We were down 6-5 and one of my teammates decides to check someone else from behind right in front of the ref. Then, after they score on the ensuing power play, I get upset and clap at that individual. Of course he gets upset and leaves. The problem is that the last two weeks I have been fustrated at times with the Bulldogs performance. That fustration has shown up during play and directed at some of my teammates. That is just unaccepable. It is not a positive way I can help the team and it shows me in a negative light.

I don’t know how badly I shunned this other player, but I will be thinking about it for some time now. It is time for an attitude adjustment again. It is unfortunate that I realize it too late before damage has already been done.

The good thing is that we did comeback from 2 goals down to win the game.